Electric Keyless Smart Lock with Key Pad Backup Security Black

Electric Keyless Smart Lock with Key Pad Backup Security Black



  • Supports various opening methods
  • Connected via , the ELock app
  • Easy installation

MULTIPLE WAYS TO OPEN A DOOR: This smart lock supports various opening methods in case of emergency. You can use the pre-set admin password to open the door. If the is dead, use the emergency power port on the bottom. Guests can open the door via user password or passive mode which is set on the app by admin.

SAFETY GUARANTEED: Security is ensured during the use of this smart lock.If wrong password has been entered three times, regardless of the entry method, it will lock for 15 minutes for security concerns to prevent unwanted parties from using the lock. 3 seconds after being opened, the smart lock will automatically lock.

INTELLIGENT & CONVENIENT: Making your life convenient and intelligent with this smart lock. Connected via , the ELock app can interact and control the lock, providing additional ways to unlock your door, setting guests password, keeping using records of the lock, setting preferences for real-time unlock notifications and more, making your life more convenient.

EASY INSTALLATION: No need for costly professionals, you can easily install it according to the instruction with a screwdriver, compatible for most existing doors.

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Made of high quality materials, the smart lock is durable and weather resistant, ensuring longer service life.


Worried about forgetting keys to open the door? Take a look at this smart lock! Unlock the door in a more easy way without worries. Connect your phone and the smart lock via , start enjoying the convenient life with our product. You can set admin password, user password or turn to passive mode on the ELock app to unlock the door, a backup is at the bottom in case of emergency. If wrong password are entered three times, the lock will be inactive for 15 minutes. Made of high quality zinc alloy, this lock is of durability and weather resistance, having a longer service life.


Product Dimension: 7.5×3.5×4.7" (19x9x12cm)
Package Dimension: 9×5.5×3.7" (23x14x9.5cm)
Net Weight: 2.2lbs (0.98kg)
Gross Weight: 2.6lbs (1.17kg)
Material: Zinc Alloy
Color: Black


Package List
1x TL-99 -enabled Smartlock
1x Outside Knob
1x Inside Knob
1x Latch Assembly
4x Wood Screws
2x Mounting Screws
2x Inside Screws
1x Backup Pack


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